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In this section we will try to answer many of the questions you have and to dispel many of the doubts that exist for remanufactured products, as well as to provide solutions to any problems.

I would like to use remanufactured products, but I'm afraid for my printer's warranty. If i use them will I continue to have warranty?
The manufacturing companies are required to continue to keep the printer's warranty, even after the use of remanufactured products. HP, for example, has officially announced on its website. Of course in case you spill say toner (from poor quality toner), then don't blame the OEM Company but the manufacturer of toner, who will need to repair the printer.

I would like to buy a cheaper expendable from the original, but I'm not sure about the quality. How can I pick out a good remanufactured cartridge?
To save money should the consumable we chose instead of legalisation to work properly. First you need to make sure whether they are remanufactured or clone a new manufactured (compatible) consumables, patent-infringing manufacturers and there is a possibility of legal sanctions. Then we'll have to see if there are any certifications for the expendable. Certifications that are related to the production process, but also qualitative and quantitative control. It only needs to be settled properly, as well as the respective pages of the original. A sample is good, but not enough. If there is the possibility of a visit to the production area built, will have a more complete picture for the company that supplies.

I have previously purchased compatible/remanufactured expendable, but I was not pleased. The next one will work properly?
The remanufacturing industry has really grown and the quality standard is at a very high level. The quality of the raw materials for remanufacturing is excellent and big companies; such as Fuji Electric produce materials for remanufacturing. There were and there are too many people who saw this as an opportunity for easy and quick profit. Without investing money for equipment, expertise, facilities, producing poor quality supplies and create problems. PRINTERLAND, invested and invest to produce reliable supplies. Give as a chance, you won' t be let down.

I would like to buy from you the consumables, but is quite expensive than other remanufactured or compatible.
If you are talking about remanufactured supplies the price difference due to raw materials. There are too many places that should be changed into a cartridge and different qualities. There are key parts to be changed with new ones (Drum, Wiperblade, Doctor Blade, Chip, Doctor Bar etc.) good quality and specified quantity and type of graphite. All of these combined make a good, quality Inkwell. A cheaper is not always better. You may not print correctly, you may print fewer pages.

Why not buy a much cheaper compatible cartridge?
Because, first of all on the environment considerably. Not only deprives the possibility of remanufacturing a verification gap, but also ads another plastic in the environment, which due to poor construction not remade. It is assumed that additional burden on the environment. Another very important reason is that it is illegal. It is an illegal copy of a genuine product and most outside the United States, the manufacturing companies (such as CANON or HP lately), moved against import and trade.

We do not want to relegate the empty cartridges, but we are not interested in the remanufacturing. What can we do?
You are not obligated to the ancient. But we need to recycle. Contact us and we will provide you with free collection bins, as well as undertake their management, extraditing the attestation for recycling.
We care about delivering the best quality products.
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