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Quality makes the difference in the current era. It is the first that we want to give our customers. Not in theory, but practical through a comprehensive program of quality assurance of raw materials and the process of transforming them into a final product quality.

Branded drum, toner, chip, guarantee a high level of functioning in the levels of genuine consumables. Certified ISO 9001 process and application of standards ISO 19752, ISO 19798 and DIN 33870, ensure to the greatest possible extent the successful performance of the cartridge.

Even so it is almost impossible to achieve 100% success. There is a small percentage that will not have satisfactory operation, which may be due to failure of the raw material (e.g. malfunctioning of the chip after some pages), in a production line.

Even then though, we support 100%. Immediately, without delay, we will replace the consumable (which would then control) to continue to operate without problems. Our technician, in order to control and operation of the printer do the replacement.

Our partnership does not end at the sale. We continue to be at your disposal to ensure the smooth operation of your printer.
We care about delivering the best quality products.
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