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Guaranteed Quality
Quality makes the difference in the current era. It is the first that we want to give our customers. Not in theory, but practical through a comprehensive program of quality assurance of raw materials and the process of transforming them into a final product quality.
AEK Fans
Every year, there are sold over $ 1.1 billion cartridges. More than 500 million of these cartridges end up in landfills that dumped around the world. These cartridges can be rebuilt up to 2-3 times.
Frequently Asked Questions
In this section we will try to answer many of the questions you have and to dispel many of the doubts that exist for remanufactured products, as well as to provide solutions to any problems.
Corporate Solutions
RE-PRINT products, originally distinguished for their quality. They are environmentally friendly, can be reused and do not infringe on the patents of the manufacturers. The final product is a result of development, know-how and long experience. It is the complete solution for your prints.
Latest Products
    We care about delivering the best quality products.
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