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ISO 9001 is the quality management standard for industries worldwide. Our company applies fixed by 2007, in order to:

  • All of our products, rather than simply responding to the demands of our customers, but to completely cover national and international standards.
  • The maximum satisfaction of the client's needs from the first time you come into contact with PRINTERLAND but every time, at the lowest possible cost.
  • The achievement of all the annual objective and measurable quality objectives that define the PRINTERLAND constant improvement of company on the market, but also of the result set.
  • The continuous improvement of the company's position in the market, but also of the result set.
To achieve the above, PRINTERLAND designated and implement Quality System, which includes all the critical aspects of business operations, affecting the quality of produced by it products and services.

The Quality management system is monitored, maintained and improved through programmes of inspections, evaluations and reviews. Is designed to give weight to prevent, without however underestimating mechanisms corrective actions, where non-compliance with the requirements.

These objectives are achieved by:
  • Working properly trained staff.
  • With auxiliary functions and benefits of essential resources (moral and material).
  • With continuous updating and awareness, technical and quality management issues.
All the above guarantee compliance in the administration staff PRINTERLAND requirements for the quality and the course, according to the ISO 9001: 2008.
We care about delivering the best quality products.
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