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The protection of the environment, but also of the people who work in this is an inviolable rule, and a key element of the partnership (and not only) philosophy.

We manage the empty cartridges, with permission from the Greek Ministry Of Environment (regions of Attica, Central Greece, Thessaly, Peloponnese, the Ionian Sea and Middle East Greece). We remanufacture the empty cartridges with recycled materials (excluding compulsory new, like drum) and recycle all materials that we use and all these in combination with the application of the environmental standard ISO 14001.

The Average weight of each cartridge model, is about 1.5 kg, this number corresponds to about 2 liters of oil. The contamination of the environment is a real risk that must be addressed with the help of all of us.

Choosing not to throw away the empty cartridge into the trash is yours decision. We give you the possibility to remanufacture or recycle. Without the slightest charge we undertake the whole process and certify you for this.

Also, remember that if you choose to purchase a new compatible cartridge, then pays you with a plastic that cannot be remanufactured as a genuine empty cartridge!

We care about delivering the best quality products.
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